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Northampton County, Pennsylvania
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Weights and Measures

The Division of Weights & Measures provides support, protection and confidence in daily transactions between consumers and businesses. Mission: To ensure uniformity,consistency and equity in the marketplace while providing industry with a uniform set of standards and regulations that promote and maintain fair competition. Our program strives to deliver cost effective,professional,regulatory enforcement while incorporating the latest inspection techniques, training and equipment that becomes available. 

We belong to a unique group of professional regulatory officials that perform a valuable community service through out the country.  In some states over 50% of an average family’s income is spent on items sold by weight, measure or count.  The program provides a set of weights and measures standards to which industry adheres to and consumers can count on.  What would consumers do if this system did not exist?  Bring their own measuring devices to make certain that they got their fair share for each purchase?  It is not something each of us considers, but applying uniform weights and measures standards to commercial transactions is one of the most important supports to a strong national economy. 

On any given day, Americans make dozens of purchase decisions – at the grocery store and the gas pump, to pay for items through scanning systems, or feed a parking meter, or to purchase a gallon of home heating oil.  As diverse as the character of these "daily necessities may be, they all have one ingredient in common: consumers can trust that what they weigh, measure,count, buy or pump is due to an active local, state and national weights and measures system. 

Your small local team is proud to be part of over 2,400 county, state and local weights and measures officials throughout the country that provide professional, cost effective regulatory enforcement programs that ensure confidence during the exchange of goods and services.  We function as a quiet third party that enforces laws, settles disputes and maintains equity in the marketplace.